Mindful Recreations

Take Some Time to Look Around


Have you ever gone for a walk and found yourself back home before you know it? No recollection of what you saw, what the air felt like on your face, or the scent of the rain washed world you’ve just walked through? Just a realisation that you have been somewhere physically, and another place entirely in your head. I started my walk like that today. Intent on the ‘doing’, and totally absorbed.

imageI’m not sure what made me stop, maybe it was the autumn leaves I’ve been admiring every day for the last 6 weeks and meaning to take a photo of; or the feeling of freedom as I left the house at my own pace, without children. But something did make me stop. And I’m glad it did. I realised that the sun was warm on my face, that the air was still and cool, and that there was a world of inspiring life going on around me. Flowers blooming, leaves uncurling, autumn colour fading, buds preparing, and I was about to miss it all. I didn’t. I stopped, breathed deeply, and felt grateful for the opportunity to reconnect with the natural world.


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