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tea with the artists


Hi, and welcome to “Tea with the Artists”- a series of conversational pieces with artists from the Alcove Art Shop. This series was born out of my love of the creative process, conversations, and tea.

As a creative person it is often difficult to write about yourself. How do you explain what it is that inspires you? “Why would anyone be interested in me?”. How do you make it interesting? It can seem impossible. After talking to a lovely friend about how hard this can be, I thought how much I would love to interview people and write up their stories. My friend suggested I could make a business of it. We laughed. This conversation took place in the year I decided to say “yes” to whatever opportunities came up.

I subsequently joined the Alcove Art Shop, based at the Box Hill Community Art Centre. It is a lovely little shop full of wonderful offerings from a wide variety of artists. You never quite know what you will find in there. It is managed and staffed by artists, and the person serving you could well be the creator of the special item you’ve chosen to take home.

One thing led to another, and “Tea with the Artists” was born. I now get to meet with creative and inspiring people, share a hot drink, and learn about their journeys.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I am,



My interview with Cathy Tillotson of Melting Moments can be found via the link below


My interview with Robyn Burne can be found at


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